The NVidia GTX 2080 $1,500 Price Rumor

The NVidia GTX 2080 $1,500 Price Rumor

There exists a rumor which has been circulating around that said the upcoming Nvidia flagship graphics card, which people have been referring to as the GTX 2080, could be costing as high as $1500.

That is just a rumor and it really has no basis or grounding in reality whatsoever.

I’m not here to debunk this rumor, which so much of the tech press has picked up and done stories on as if it actually even existed a reference point.

Fortunately, that’s not how things work.

You can’t just think something and make it fact. Although the current landscape of the news media would have you not to believe that. It seems that anyone who has a fleeting thought and a website to type it up, then instantly becomes fact and the rest of the news media will start to report it too.

But the issue with the GTX 2080 being $1,500 in price, while this might turn out true, so far it is not.

It wouldn’t make any sense for NVIDIA to launch the cards at $1500. They would be shooting themselves in the foot by that, consumers would have a lot of negative reasons towards Nvidia if they were to launch the GTX 2080 at $1500, more than what the current Titan XP is selling for right now.

The culprit: the GTX 1080 are selling for around $1000 right now, they might don’t want to put out a superior technology at an MSRP of $700 to basically undercut their previous generation, it really doesn’t make sense.

The GTX 1080 reached its end-of-life, Nvidia is no longer producing GTX 1080 GPUs. Any GPUs they have produced are already in the hands of the partners and manufacturers, as well as distributors. Every GTX 1080 that they’ve made has been sold, it’s out the door, they’re not making a profit when someone spends $1,000 or even $1,500 on that GPU.

Could we see a price increase on the GTX 2080? I would say yes. That could be likely as they have already tried that with the founder’s edition cards, previously selling those more. Going up on the flagship card like the GTX 2080 is a more realistic possibility, than them trying to completely shoot themselves in the foot and offer these cards at $1500.

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I don’t think gamers would pay that much. Yes, you might have a few people, but unless these cards deliver a 100% performance increase over the previous generation, I don’t see anyone going out spending $1,500 on these.

Maybe if the cards are amazing for cryptocurrency mining, which again would hurt Nvidia if that was the case. A good competitive price where gamers can actually afford the cards, and more importantly, having the supply to fill the current demand in the market, is the direction I see in a good release strategy of new gaming technology.

Research made last year reports over three million graphics cards were sold to miners alone, which is a huge amount of graphics cards to be going directly to miners, and a lot of this could be direct selling.

Saying these cards these are for gamers, and only gamers can buy graphics cards, it’s a lot of self-entitlement from the gamers. Content creators buy these graphics cards to for video editing and many do not play games.

Even CPUs are being used to mine as well on several of the coins out there like Monero, so it’s up to the GPU makers and manufacturers to get these cards out to help both sides, rather than just one side or the other because these cards are not only for gamers.

Whether Nvidia will be selling their GTX 2080 for $1,500 when they release in April, (if they release in April, that’s what the current rumor says) it’s up to the manufacturers to get the current market situation sorted out.

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