Unreqvited – Disquiet

Unreqvited – Disquiet – Album Review


  1. Birth
  2. The Autumn Fire
  3. Disquiet
  4. A Tear From The Oak
  5. An Ocean Of Ire
  6. Maydena
  7. Death

Unreqvited – Disquiet


Another one-man project, another amazing work of pure dark metal art.

A collection of tracks that takes us through the life cycle of Earth beings, summoning contemplations of saddened feelings and a grieved interior state of mind.

The result is a wonderfully melodic, timeless voyage of the senses. Its message is to let your spirit go. It will guide you through nature, seas and time itself.

Tormented voices accompanying melodic synths and pianos becomes anguishing at times, just saved by the dynamic melody applied all over the desperation of the story.

The blast beats dwelling with the guitars makes us forget the ever-intruding keyboards, solidifying this fantastic work.

What seems discouraging and depressive becomes inspiring, this happens consistently throughout the album. Just powerful.

Unreqvited – Disquiet


Genre: Atmospheric / Depressive Post-Black

Band Members: 鬼 – Vocals, guitar, keys, bass, programming


Page: https://unreqvited.bandcamp.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/unreqvited/

Shop: https://unreqvited.bandcamp.com/

Contact: unreqvited@gmail.com

Label: Pest Productions

Score: 9/10

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