Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus - Game Review

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Game Review

Wolfenstein fans rejoice, the next campaign is here, and it looks better than ever.

The first-person shooter based on Nazi killing makes another coming for gamers, encouraging us to keep blowing our way through the awesome maps and weapon upgrades along with a fourteen-hour campaign, a very satisfying one.

Find your play style and customize your wielding favorites and enjoy the ride, with enough drama, but also fun moments along the cutscenes of The New Colossus.

Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus Review

It follows the events of the earlier game, it gets you in action after a bold introductory scene and asks you to be quick and deadly while dealing with the usual abilities as jump, run and ram enemies or blast them off with a power suit.

The game progression allows you to play in almost stealth mode or just gun blazing along the story, it adapts easily to your chosen style and never leaves the story behind even feeling we can just plug-and-play for fun or get the serious story in motion and leaves you Easter eggs and notes for those who want to really understand and get into the story, among the killings.

There is no multiplayer by the way.

In an America filled up with Nazi flags and succumbing to it, the bases and labs we spend most parts of the game have an entertaining feel to it along the story evolution.

Graphical wise it looks awesome, the effects are spot on and the design is amazing, combined with the more technical effects of post-processing colors and illumination lighting, so as the particle effects.

Expect your cutscenes to be top notch too, very well done and story-wise doesn’t disappoint. Much needed and helping a lot into the immersion for the player in the story. The game tries hard to get you into its narrative and make a logical meaning of the action you are getting into.

The sound is impressive, guns and environmental effects are really well done, never the sense of missing something or exaggerated on others. Guns deliver a good punch, and the ambient effects are truly localized for the map-related action expected.

Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus Review

Music wise, it handles this game well, not an epic tune that will stay in your head after the game, just does its own job without getting in the way.

Voice actors are also well done, very in tune with the related scene. The voice feelings matches exactly the characters doing in a specific cutscene, delivering a believable character creation affinity while we plunge along.

You can play it fast, blazing Nazis and all types of enemies thrown at you like a crazy killing machine. or getting a slow approach and watch everything the game has to offer, like guns upgrades and add-ons and the action details spread along the maps, like cover spots and skilled gameplay environment helpful sites.

Does it offer much more than previous Wolfenstein games? Not really

Is it enough to be bought and played, replayed and still enjoyable? definitely!

While not leaving a huge unforgettable experience, it leaves behind the feeling that good first-person shooters can have greater campaigns than online oriented games based on loot and weak story.

It is also a slap in the face of online contenders that fail over and over to provide playing fun, showing you can have that same, or even more fun while playing alone and enjoying a fully laid out story.

Score 9/10